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Enduro Serre Chevalier


"For those of you that are passionate MTB riders, our valley is overflowing with single tracks! Come and ride with us in some of the most awesome spots in the area! "

Is this for me?

Advanced to expert level from 12 years upwards.

What time of year ?

From May to October

  • ½ day at Serre Chevalier: 70 €
  • Full day at Serre Chevalier and Briançon: 130 €

½ day and full day courses take place in Serre Chevalier and Briançon.

  • 2-day course:   240 € 3-day course: 350 €


An example of a typical course:

MTB in Serre Chevalier, Briançon or Puy St Vincent

Full day Enduro at Serre Chevalier

  • Morning Drop 1: The Peyrolles ridges

Magnificent path overlooking Serre Chevalier, passing via the ‘Croix de Toulouse’, with unforgettable views, to join the Briançon fort. This single track is as varied technically as it is magical.

  • Afternoon Drop 2: The Granon Singles

Descent via different single tracks above the holiday center, with the ski resort as a backdrop. The paths are quick, fun, but also technical.

Full day Enduro at Briançon

  • Morning Drop 1 : Mélézin

Mythical path in the Briançon area. Our shuttle drops us off in the village of Ayes, and we cycle to the village of Mélézin. From there, a superbe descent to Briançon.

  • Afternoon Drop 2 :  Torrent de Sachas

From Puy Chalvin, we climb to the village of Combes, before descending to Briançon. Varied single track.

Full day Enduro at Puy St Vincent


Rates include:


-Supervision and Coaching by a state qualified MTB instructor

-All suspension Mountain bikes adapted to your practice

-Full bike protections: sleeve-less jackets, gloves, integral helmet, knee protections

-The lift pass

Enduro has been in vogue for the last few years. The principle: a minimum positive altitude for a maximum height drop!

Due to its diversity, our region is MTB land, and is perfectly adapted to Enduro practice.

With just a little peddling to do, our shuttle service takes to the start of the best trails. With 2 to 4 shifts per day, Enduro days make the most of the available practice time, whilst the courses vary the venues!


The courses change spots every day. The sessions take place in the Serre Chevalier, the Vallouise, the Névache and the Montgenèvre Valleys and in Italy.

No trail is the same twice over: technique, speed, emotions, fabulous scenery… SERRECHE VTT has concocted you an incredible cocktail, high on adrenaline!

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy our playground made for Enduro!