For those of you that are passionate MTB riders, our valley is overflowing with single tracks! Come and ride with us in some of the most awesome spots in the area!



This is the mecca of All-Mountain biking. Serre Che VTT guides will show you the best lines, share our favorite backcountry secrets, hidden lunch stops, incredible landscapes and unforgettable moments. Undoubtedly the Serre Chevalier valley and its neighbouring valleys offer an immense playground with endless possibilities…

For who

Advanced / Expert from 15 years old

The extras

Same level groups / photos / Advices


Spots / Serre Chevalier / Embrun / Briançon / Italie

Included in the price

Qualified mountain biking guide/ Latest MTB / Protective Gear  / transport / a very good day !!!

When ?

from may to october

Details or Logistics

Bring a picnic or 15 € for lunch

Excursions / Prices / Descriptions


Options and prices

1/2 DAY 80€ / 60€ with your own equipment

DAY 150€ / 90 € with your own equipment

2 DAYS 260€ / 170 € with your own equipment

3 DAYS 380€ / 250 € with your own equipment All-inclusive trip from 250 € (with own MTB) 3 nights, 2 days riding and lunchs.


Rewind the clock to understand why our biking terrain is world class. Props to the military and their fort construction, with were very prominent until the 2000s. Briançon is classified as a UNESCO Heritage Site thanks to its enormous network of fortifications. Over the centuries, these sites gave birth to beautiful forest fire trails and numerous single tracks that people used to and from the forts. Add to this an abounding agricultural component since the 17th century. Men and women split their time between the high-altitude mountain pastures and the villages down in the valley. Over time these paths become perfect for mountain biking. In other words, a mountain biker’s paradise. The climbs are mostly on beautiful forest trails, sometimes on mountain roads, sometimes on uphill singletracks but each time we reach our target, it’s the descents that will remain engraved in your memories as a rider Our idea of All-Mountain is to combine physical fitness and enjoyment. Of course, there will be tough climbs, fatigue, hike-a-bike sections…etc. You can expect between 1200 and 2100 meters of uphill per day. But each time your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views, breathtaking scenery, orgasmic singletrack descents, plus a guide and the best ambiance. An incredible mountain biking experience!!! * For lunch, several options are available depending on your choice, location and season. If you choose the all-inclusive formula, lunch is provided. If not, it may be possible to stop at your lodging option or picnic; all subject to the day’s agenda.