For those of you that are passionate MTB riders, our valley is overflowing with single tracks! Come and ride with us in some of the most awesome spots in the area!



This is the real enduro…with shuttle rides, a local guide and those wow moments on your mountain bike and with fellow riders. Expect a maximum amount of downhills during the day. The negative difference in altitude will depend upon the group, but we could do up to 6000 meters of descent per day. Our runs are strategically chosen to mix peddling and shuttles. We’d rather be biking than riding a shuttle. Every day will be different and varied regarding the terrain, landscape and technique.

For who

Advanced / Expert from 14 years old

The extras

Same level groups / photos / Advices


Enduro spots / Serre Chevalier / Embrun / Briançon / Italie

Included in the price

Qualified mountain biking guide/ Own MTB or MTB 2022 / Protective Gear  / Shuttle / a very good day !!!

When ?

from may to october

Details or Logistics

Bring a picnic or 15 € for lunch

Excursions / Prices / Descriptiions

EmojiShuttle with friends : 65 €/pers for a 7 person groupEmoji


Options and prices

1/2 DAY 85€ / 60€ with your own equipment

DAY 150€ / 90 € with your own equipment

2 DAYS 280€ / 190 € with your own equipment

3 DAYS 400€ / 280 € with your own equipment

All-inclusive trip from 380 € (with own MTB) 3 nights, 2 days riding and lunchs Séjours VTT Enduro | Stages VTT Alpes du Sud | MTB Safaris Trails www.mtbsafaritrails.com


Enduro has been in vogue for the last few years. The principle: a minimum positive altitude for a maximum height drop! Due to its diversity, our region is MTB land, and is perfectly adapted to Enduro practice. With just a little peddling to do, our shuttle service takes to the start of the best trails. With 2 to 4 shifts per day, Enduro days make the most of the available practice time, whilst the courses vary the venues! The courses change spots every day. The sessions take place in the Serre Chevalier, the Vallouise, the Névache and the Montgenèvre Valleys and in Italy. No trail is the same twice over: technique, speed, emotions, fabulous scenery… SERRECHE VTT has concocted you an incredible cocktail, high on adrenaline! What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy our playground made for Enduro!